Oversize Boat & Trailer + Jeep Cherokee Shipped to Egypt in 40' HC Container

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Oversize Boats Shipped in Export Containers

This load consisted of the boat you see here, plus a Jeep Cherokee, for the same customer, bound for Cairo, Egypt.   This boat was made to fit into the container by removing the wheels from its trailer, turning the boat on its side, very carefully, securing it on the trailer, and sliding the boat and trailer as a unit, on skids, into the container.   We were able to do this with only one inch clearance between the door opening and the boat.   The boat was placed at the nose of the container, and properly blocked and braced for export.   We then loaded the customer's Jeep Cherokee at the rear of the container, properly blocking and bracing it for export, as well.

Load boat on trailer Bracing boat Boat made to fit, on skids Jeep Cherokee in container

This very happy customer sent us an Egyptian motif coffee set as a thank-you gift, along with the photo of his boat on the River Nile, as you can see below.

Happy Customer & his "Precious" on The River Nile
Boat on the Nile River

As long as boats are structurally sound, and can clear the door opening (usually 101.75 inches high x 92.125 inches wide, for a high cube 40' container), we can load them securely into containers.

And if they don't fit in a container, we can load them on flat-racks for export, on cradles or on their own trailers.

Just call or email us with your specifications, and we will tell you the best way to ship your boat overseas.

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