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Escrow Transfer of Funds:

Due to the nature of the car business, as many overseas buyers know, the use of letters of credit is often not practical between buyers and sellers of used and/or vintage vehicles, as well as used vehicles of all kinds. International Cargo/Export Shipping Co. will assist our foreign customers to make safe and secure payment for their purchases of vehicles in the USA, by ensuring that the sellers deliver the vehicles and/or cargo before payment is made, ensuring that vehicles/cargo meet the buyer's/our foreign customer's conditions, checking ownership titles against vehicle identification numbers (VIN #'s), and doing the requisite receiving and/or condition reports, faxing same to buyer for final approval, if necessary, without the need to open letters of credit.

Once you find a vehicle you want to purchase, send us an email with the contact details for the seller, full details for the vehicle being purchased (year, make, model, purchase price, and any details and photos of the vehicle).

1960 Chevy Belair Harley to Singapore 1960 Chevy Belair
Some of the vehicles that we've facilitated escrow purchases for.

We will then contact the seller to make arrangements for the purchase on your behalf. Once we have contacted the seller, we will email to inform you of the arrangements (usually the buyer makes arrangements the buyer is comfortable with, and we just confirm them with the seller).

The arrangements that need to be made with the buyer include but are not limited to the following – 1. Is the seller going to be delivering the vehicle to one of our warehouses, 2. Will the seller accept a corporate check or require an official bank’s cashier’s check, 3. Will the seller turn the car over on receipt of the check – some sellers want to deposit the checks before they turn title and/or cars over, which leaves the buyer exposed and defeats the purpose of the escrow purchase, 4. If seller is not making the delivery of the vehicle to one of our warehouse, then question #2 above needs to be answered as well.

Once the purchase arrangements are made we will send you our invoice for the shipping and the charges for the purchase transaction, which you then will transfer to our bank account in the USA (we will give you full details of our bank’s website and its manager, so you can contact them for references – we have been banking at the same bank for over 12 years).

1960 Chevy Belair Harley to Singapore 1960 Chevy Belair
Some of the vehicles that we've facilitated escrow purchases for.
Click on the images above for more details on these sample shipments

The escrow purchase fee for vehicles is 2.0% of the purchase price, with a minimum charge of $250.

If supplier is delivering to our Los Angeles warehouse and will accept a corporate check as COD payment, no additional charge for paying by corporate check, and we will receive the vehicle per our standard receiving procedure, taking photos and doing a “condition receiving report.”

Add $125 if seller requires payment by cashier’s check.

If cashier’s check has to be sent to seller or transporter picking up the car from the seller, via over-night courier, additional charge of $75 applies.

Add $75 if our trucker ha to turn over the check over to the seller.

Our truckers will not inspect the vehicles and will pick them up “as is,” with their own condition report to be signed by seller.

Note: We cannot and do not assume any responsibility for the overall condition and appearance of the vehicles purchased thru us, and we cannot check for mechanical damage of any kind, engine or drive-train. No guarantees of any nature whatsoever are given or implied by us. We require buyer to sign a waiver of liability in this respect.

If you need a qualified mechanic to inspect the car and issue a report on its condition prior to turning over the funds to the seller, we may arrange for same with a local mechanic’s shop and will quote on request, but cannot guarantee the condition of the vehicle or if it meets with the general representations made to the buyer by the seller.

The fees for the mechanic’s inspection and report may range from $250 to much more, depending on the nature of the inspection and the report required, as well as the location of the vehicle to be inspected.

You can may the seller to take the vehicle to the nearest dealer’s service shop, to get it inspected by the dealer and have them issue a report to you, and you can pay the dealer directly with your credit card.  

Fees for the use of our credit card to do purchases of merchandise or make payments on behalf of our customers: 2.0% of payment, with a minimum of $125.

A $30.00 wire transfer fee applies for all incoming wires from our customers.   

Customer must sign our Escrow Purchase Waiver.

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