Household Goods and Autos Shipped to France

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Three containers of household goods and two autos, from residence in Bell Canyon, California, to Paris, France:   

Oncologist, his wife and family. Shipped April 8, 2003, arrived in Le Havre, France, on May 8, 2003.

These three containers took approximately 36 hours to pack, wrap, and load, as well as build the requisite bulkheads to separate the household goods from the cars.   In addition, we built a compartment, in the first container, to load the family's antique furniture separately (the long deck you see depicted below).

First container: This container was used for most of the prepacked boxes, which the lady of the house had color coded for unloading purposes.   Once all of the boxes were loaded, which took up half of the container, we built the bulkhead and deck to load the antique furniture, so that nothing stacked on top of anything.   

Container Prepacked boxes #1
Prepacked boxes #2 Prepacked boxes #3
Bulkhead and deck Antique furniture loaded on bulkhead and deck

Second container: Into this container went the irregularly shaped goods, mattresses, appliances, etc.   Near the door of the container, the lady of the house had us build a small deck (not shown) on top of a load of flagstone, so she could load additional sundry goods, such as a barbeque, and other boxes.

Irregularly shaped goods Matresses
Appliances Goods secured

Third container: Into this container we loaded the family's autos, and built a bulkhead to separate same from the remainder of her cargo, consisting of sundry garden tools, pipes, planters, etc.   This remaining cargo was everything that had not been loaded in the first two containers, due to its irregular and awkward shapes, but we managed to load everything in safely and securely, as we hope you can appreciate in the pictures below.

Porsche Loaded #1 Porsche Loaded #2
Auto Loaded #1 Auto Loaded #2
Various awkwardly shaped goods #1 Various awkwardly shaped goods #2

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