Instructions for Shipping Personal Effects

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When delivering personal effects or LCL cargo for shipment, please note as follows:

Ensure all items are properly boxed, wrapped, and taped.

No loose or unwrapped items will be accepted by the warehouse.

All boxes and items should be clearly labeled with the EX booking number, as well as the consignee's name and address overseas, as follows -

     EX#(this is your booking/order number with International Cargo):
     CONSIGNEE'S NAME(the person to whom you are shipping the goods):
     DESTINATION (the destination to which the goods are being shipped to):
     TEL. No. (the telephone number where consignee can be reached):
     And leaving a few spaces below the above, all boxes and items should be marked as "one of the total". In other words, if you have 48 boxes, they should be marked "1/48, 2/48...48/48".

For example: Let's say you are shipping 48 boxes of personal effects to your brother (Jean-Paul Francois) in Paris, France, then your labels would look like this -

     EX#(this is your booking/order number with International Cargo):
     TEL. # 123 456 7889
     1 OF 48(and each successive box 2 of 48, 3 of 48... until you mark the last box 48 of 48)

Please click on this link for illustrated guidelines on marking and labeling your cargo.

The warehouse will fill out a Receiving Report, acknowledging the receipt and condition of the goods. You will receive a copy of it after you sign it.

Warehouse receiving hours are from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

Be sure to get a "Booking" or "EX" number from your export agent, as you will need this number when delivering your vehicles and/or cargo.

Please feel free to call or email us with any further questions you may have.

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