Tips For Overseas Vehicle Shipment

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When Delivering Vehicles for Shipment , please note as follows:

If at all possible, please call us in advance to let us know when you will be arriving at the warehouse.   This will help us to expedite the receipt of your goods, and minimize the time you spend delivering same.   Please plan to spend anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour with us.

Be sure that your gasoline tank arrives at our warehouse with less than one quarter tank of fuel.   Shipping laws prevent the shipment of vehicles containing more than one quarter tank of gas.   There will be a charge of $25.00 if we have to drain the tank.

During the winter months, October through March, please ensure that your cooling system is filled with 100% antifreeze.   This will prevent damage to your vehicle's engine block during transit.

Upon delivering your vehicles, you will get a Condition Report, documenting the condition of your vehicle.   You will receive a copy after you sign it.

Please note that the law requires that we disconnect the battery of your vehicle before we ship it.   If your battery is not plainly visible under the hood, be sure to point out its location to the receiving person at the warehouse.   Please ensure your battery is easily accessible.

Knowing the location of the vehicle identification number (VIN#) can save you time when delivering your vehicle, especially if the VIN# plaque is hidden in an uncommon location.

Be sure to leave a complete set of keys for all compartments of your vehicle.

Please remove any non-manufactured equipment from the car, such as car phones and removable radios.   All personal effects and non-manufactured equipment left in the car travel at the shipper's own risk.

You may send us your title documents by U.S. certified mail, or via FEDEX or DHL courier. All you have to do is call your local FEDEX or DHL office, and they will come to your address to pick up your documents for you.   They'll even bring you the envelope and fill out the paperwork for you.   It's that easy

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